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Working on the next issue of ET

We’ve been busy getting ready to move into a new studio in the Daytona Beach, Florida area, and one of the things we’re excited about is being able to publish comic books more often. I think there are only a few reward fulfillments left to do from our first Kickstarter, and we’re going to be gearing up soon to do it again.

I have an outline written for book 2 and am fleshing it out into a full script. This book will be slightly different, as I’m planning to move to more of a hand-drawn look and feel for the next story. I’ll still continue the 3D version, but I want to try out a more traditional feel and see how that goes over. At the conventions this past summer, more people were excited about actual pen on paper forms of art, and I’m open to experimenting with finding the best vehicle to tell the story. All of the characters and settings are the same. They’ll just be presented in a slightly different form.

One of the advantages of hand drawn art is that there are no limits to what I can show. When working with 3D, I have to models for the characters, props, and sets. If I don’t have something, I have to purchase it or create it, which can be costly and time-consuming. Often, I have to compromise on a character or object, going with a pre-made version, rather than creating something from scratch. There is no suck restriction with putting pen to paper, however, so that’s one of the prospects I’m most excited about.

There are also some great new coloring tools available that I want to take advantage of. I’m seeing a program called Procreate available on iPad that has produced some stunning images, and there are quite a few creators using it to produce professional colored comic book pages.

So, the sky is no longer the limit, and exciting things are coming!

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