We did it!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making Extraterrestrial a success! With the funds raised on Kickstarter, we’ve got a promotional budget to work with now, and that will help get the book in front of more readers when it’s released.

There are only a few more pages of art to do, and once they’re ready, the digital copies will be sent out to all backers. The book and print art will also be sent to the printer, so everyone should have their copies no later than May. I’ll keep posting updates here as I make progress and keep you informed.

Even though we did not make our stretch goals, I’ve spoken with my friend Roland Mann, and he’s letting me add an eight page sci-fi story he wrote and I colored to the book, so all backers, both digital and print, will get a 40 page book instead of 32 pages. You guys are awesome for making this happen, and I hope to deliver more than you expected.

I got some great feedback at the Daytona Beach Comic Convention this afternoon. Here’s my table set-up –20160320_110306

The next show I’m doing is the Orlando MegaCon in May, and I’ll have copies of issue #1 for sale there. Looking forward to delivering for you and then going on to the next issue. Thanks again!


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