Three Days to Go!

We’ve got three days left in the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re hoping for a big surge in the last 48 hours to get us to some of our stretch goals! As a thank you for making all of this possible, here’s a new page as a preview that I haven’t shown anywhere before.


The last few books I self-published (“Shanghai”) were in a very different environment. There was no print-on-demand service, or digital copies. I had to do all of the work, hope Diamond accepted me into the catalog, and then finance printing 5000 copies of each book myself. In today’s self-publishing arena, services like Ka-Blam, Comixology, and Kickstarter make it ideal to be able to get a body of work into the hands of new readers, which makes this project just a joy to work on. With the financial burden and distribution woes removed, it becomes a labor of love, and frees me up to focus on creating. You guys have been great to make this book happen, and I’m eternally grateful for your support. Everything is just about done, and I can’t wait to get it printed and shipped out, and then start focusing on a follow-up. It’s a big universe with lots of stories to tell!

PS – Hope to meet some of you at the Daytona Beach Comic Convention this Sunday, where I’ll be when the campaign ends, at 3 pm. We’ll be counting down!

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