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Sketchbook is now Available!

My 98-page sketchbook is now available for purchase. You can pick it up from me at a convention or store appearance, or through my online store here. I don't have a digital version of it available yet, but I plan to get that out sometime in the future. Ka-Blam did an amazing job with the printing, as always, with this being my first time publishing a bound book rather than a stapled comic. The book is available for $3 off the standard cover price for an Eclipse sale!

This is a collection of various art projects from the last thirty five years of my artistic career. Some of them were done as practice pieces, some were gallery images, and some were the start of comic book ideas that never fully developed or eventually morphed into something else. Most of them were done in between various projects I’ve worked on that were published, or while working for someone else. This book is by no means a collection of my best work. It’s simply a printed version of where I was at various points in time with my art, and a way to share with people all of the pieces that had never been published. There are still plenty of items that didn’t make it into this book, but this collection was what I figured were sharable with the world.

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