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Sketchbook Available Soon!

The Jeff Whiting Sketchbook is a 98-page collection of various art projects from the last thirty five years of my artistic career. Some of them were done as practice pieces, some were gallery images, and some were the start of comic book ideas that never fully developed or eventually morphed into something else. Most of them were done in between various projects I’ve worked on that were published, or while working for someone else.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated with the artform of comic books. I’ve been privileged to work on books like the Tick for NEC, many of Malibu’s Ultraverse books, and a smattering of pages for DC Comics. I got into the field professionally during the big comics boom in the 90s. When the industry contracted and it became harder to get work from the major publishers, I started tinkering with the idea of self-publishing my own work. With some of the recent advances in printing and funding resources, it’s become much easier to get more of my own work out there. I started thinking about some pieces I had started and wanted to revisit them to see if there were worth developing again.

While searching for some of my older artwork, I realized that it was randomly scattered in places that only I knew about. Some of them were in boxes in a closet, some pieces were on old CD ROMS in desk drawers, some were on my computer’s hard drive. There was no single place that held everything I had worked on over the years. While reviewing it, I realized that most of that art had never been seen by more than a handful of people, if anyone at all. I had this large, jumbled collection of images created over my lifetime that most people never even knew existed or had forgotten about, and I figured that should be corrected.

This book is by no means a collection of my best work. It’s simply a printed version of where I was at various points in time with my art, and a way to share with people all of the pieces that had never been published. There are still plenty of items that didn’t make it into this book, but this collection was what I figured were sharable with the world.

Some of it was created digitally. For many years I’ve explored software like Poser and DAZ Studio that incorporates 3D models, lighting and textures. I’ve published a few books using this technique, and much of what’s in this book reflects all of the experimenting I did to get the process to the point I have it at today. There are some hand drawn pieces as well, most of which were done in the 90s, when bad-girl art was all the rage. I even included a few fractal images I played around with, which are patterns generated by mathematical equations.

So, all that being said, thank you for taking the time to explore my work, and I hope you find something you enjoy. Here’s to the next thirty five years!

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