An origin story twenty years in the making! When Corinne found a magical amulet that linked her soul with an ancient red dragon, she gained fantastic powers and fought against those who wanted what she had, but she never imagined how things would work out, or what it would cost her. She has a living computer named Cygnet as a sidekick, and can often be found fighting robots and the undead.

The first issue of Shanghai was published in 1997. The story has been updated for the modern era, much of the art has been re-worked and there are many new pages continuing the story. All of the inked art for the book is already complete. They need to be colored and lettered, and the project will be ready to go to press.

The book will feature a special-edition cover commissioned by the late, great Quinton Hoover (Magic: the Gathering). He completed this piece in 1997, and it's never been published as a cover There is also the standard edition cover, penciled by the legendary George Perez. And to top things off, we have pinups included by guest artists like Douglas Schuler (Magic: the Gathering), and John Royle (Danger Girl, GI Joe). All of the interior art is drawn and colored by myself, Jeff Whiting. Over the years, in addition to publishing my own books, I've worked as an inker for DC Comics, Malibu Comics and on the Tick!