Extraterrestrial is an exciting new science fiction comic book series with story and art by Jeff Whiting, who has previously done art for The Tick and many Malibu Ultraverse titles. It was published and promoted with funding raised through a Kickstarter campaign, and made available in both printed versions and digital downloads. Issue #1 was released in May 2016, 40 pages, full color art. This an all-ages title, with some mild sci-fi action. Issue #2 is currently in production, and we'll have a Kickstarter for that one as well!


In the future, humanity has begun to move out into the galaxy, exploring and colonizing. For those still on Earth, there exists a zoo which houses species from all over the Milky Way, and allows people to marvel at beasts they couldn’t otherwise see. Running an extraterrestrial zoo is a dangerous business, though. Procuring and transporting exotic beasts is no small task. To make matters more complicated, Earth is fighting a war with a group of colonies in space, which makes space travel precarious. The military helps with funding and transporting animals in exchange for help with weaponization from some particularly nasty species.



Cassiopeia Conrad
Curator of the Terran Zoo. Likes animals more than people. On a world weary of war, she’s trying to create a bright spot that will bring joy and amazement to others. She's short on patience, and has a legendary temper, but a big heart for those she considers family.

Roland Lockwood
Chief hunter of the Terran Zoo, and a former military officer in the Terran fleet. Discharged for his contempt for authority, he’s struggling to find a place to make himself useful. Will he find redemption at the zoo, or walk away from the people who care about him?

Major Gold
A Terran military officer with more than a passing interest in the zoo. His support allows Cassie’s team access to places they would otherwise never be able to reach, and he uses this to his advantage. The zoo staff still wonders if he's more trouble than he's worth.

Scratch & Dent
A pair of maintenance bots who work at the Terran Zoo. They know more than they let on, and are far more involved in things than they should be.


None of this would be possible without your support! I'm very excited to be able to share this project with you, and am looking forward to seeing how far we can go! With the help of these people, I've been able to promote the book and get it out there. They picked up digital and printed copies, as well as some other cool rewards!

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