The first comic book Jeff Whiting ever plunked down 35 cents for was Amazing Spider-man #176 in 1978, and from there he was hooked on sequential art. He couldn’t pass a convenience store without running in and checking the comic racks for new books. Before long, he was copying drawings by some of his favorite artists, like George Perez, John Byrne, and Jim Starlin, and knew that a career in comic art was what he wanted. He got started doing backgrounds for artist John Beatty, and then landed a job inking over Ben Edlund’s pencils for the original Tick series at New England Comics. From there, Jeff went on to work for Malibu Comics, doing art chores on Street Fighter, The Ferret, and a slew of other titles in the Ultraverse line-up, including Prime, UltraForce, Rune, Prototype, and Hardcase, followed by a smidgen of work in Wetworks for Homage Studios.

Desiring to have more control over his art, and a bigger creative input, Jeff began self-publishing his own full color book, Shanghai, in 1997 under his own imprint, Durendal Comics. He wrote, drew, lettered and colored the entire project himself. Later, the imprint mutated into Brick House Digital, as Jeff began using 3D rendered art in sequential form. He self-published a second full color Shanghai comic in 1999 as one of the first completely digital art comic books on the market. He was able to hire cover artists Douglas Schuler, Quinton Hoover, George Perez and John Royle for the books. As the sales of printed comics began to decline in last decade, Jeff decided to take the logical progression and move his comic work to the web. He still dabbles in traditional hand-drawn art though, having inked some pages recently for DC Comics ‘World of Warcraft’ book. He has begun exploring digital inking programs, such as Manga Studio.

Having gone far in life, the Florida native lives a short piece down the road from where he was born, way back in 1964. He played the bass guitar in a band for a while in the 80s, and still enjoys gigging, having recently branched out onto the electric guitar. While creating, his music player is frequently streaming Blue October, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, Yes, or Jethro Tull. Some of his favorite movies are Star Wars, Kill Bill, The Fifth Element, Army of Darkness, and Ghost in the Shell. Artistic influences include Roger Dean, Alphonse Mucha, Jim Starlin, and George Perez.

Jeff’s personal site can be found at

This is Jeff at the Comics in the Digital Age panel at Full Sail University, in 2015