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Good news, everyone! This website is now the complete hub for all comics published by Brick House Digital. We’ve taken the core from the Extraterrestrial site and modified it to now cover everything we put out, so rather than having to go to a bunch of individual sites to find out what’s going on, we’ll cover all of them right here. Last year we put out the first issue of Extraterrestrial, a few weeks ago we published Cancer Man & Gout Boy, and in a few weeks we’ll publish the new version of Shanghai. We’re also releasing a 98-page sketchbook from Jeff Whiting that is currently at the printers. On the horizon we want to get some second issues out for each of these series.

We’ve also combined the Facebook pages for each individual book into a single company page, so followers will be able to find out more information  and have to visit fewer sources.

This new site will take shape over the next few days and have more details about all of our books. We have a few summer convention appearances coming up as well, where you’ll be able to purchase books and get them signed.

Stay tuned!

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